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Add Enhanced Shutdown Button to the Windows XP Start Menu

Important: It’s suggested that you backup your registry or create a System Restore point before applying any registry hack.

Add Enhanced Shutdown button with more options

Visit our page, download the file and unzip the contents to a folder of your choice. Move the file NirCmd.exe to the Windows\System32 folder.
Double-click the fileAdd Shutdown.reg to merge the contents. Similarly, merge the contents of Remove Default Buttons.reg file. Logoff and login back again.
Your Start menu should now look like this.
The above menu options are powered by NirCmd, a freeware tool that we’ve already coveredin this site.

Menu optionCommand-Line
ShutdownNirCmd.exe exitwin poweroff forceifhung
HibernateNirCmd.exe hibernate
Lock ComputerNirCmd.exe lockws
Log OffNirCmd.exe exitwin logoff forceifhung
Monitor OffNirCmd.exe monitor off
RestartNirCmd.exe exitwin reboot forceifhung
Stand ByNirCmd.exe standby

Here is a screenshot of the Windows Vista Start menu, which has most of the above options included by default.
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