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Enjoy google + circles on facebook !

Make Facebook Account Like Google+ With Circle Hack

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After announcement of Google+ vast of Facebook user full move to Google Plus even importing all Facebook Contacts & Photos to G+. So that's why Facebook get shock and win competition in Social media Facebook announce about In browser video chat like Google Plus Hangout feature within one week due date. According to me then also many of the Google+ user will not come back to Facebook because of Google+ Circles.

Anyway coming to point now Facebook users can user Google+ circles on their Facebook account. People who left Facebook for use Google+ circles now they not have to leave Facebook , because now you can use Google Circles in your Facebook. For use Google circles in Facebook CircleHack provides the javascript it is not affiliated with Facebook , but not harm your FB account too. Just log in to CircleHack and you can see all your Facebook lists as a circle enjoy circles in your Facebook. Still this circles of Circlehack are not full featured as Google Plus Circles. Have a look at Facebook Circles. 

Have a bad case of Google+ envy? Here's a little something that should help hold you over until
the site fully opens its flood gates. Circle Hack is a self-described "one-night experiment with Javascript" created by a few Facebook engineers in a non-affiliated capacity, which unofficially brings Google Circles-like functionality to the top social network. The creators of the Facebook plug-in have borrowed liberally from Google on this one (turnabout is fair play, perhaps). Once you log in with your Facebook account, you can drag and drop rectangles of your friends from that site into circles at the bottom of your page -- a quick method for curating your Facebook lists. Given the short development of the plug-in, the functionality of the site is, not surprisingly, a bit limited. Certain things like, say, deleting circles, are absent at present -- perhaps its creators are too busy working on the Facebook Hangouts hack.
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