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How to restore a crashed system in windows 7

In this tutorial we will guide you how to restore a crashed system in windows 7.

Here we shall look at the new version of windows which is more stable compared to the previous version and we look at the solution when the system malfunction happen and what is the solution for the problem.

Here we look at the creation of system repair disc which will let you to boot to recover from your OS.

 Click on start menu.

• Type “System repair disc” in search box in start menu and hit enter.

• Click on the link “create a system repair disc”.

• “Create a system disc” windows will open up.

• Select the relevant drive.

• Click “Create disc”.

• CD will be quite comfortable as it can store up to 142mb of the space.

Using disc

• You can also boot it from recovery boot and enter into the windows setup.

• Here the boot up can access the recovery tool and restore the computer.

• Now choose the various recovery options from which helps in machine back up and running.

System recovery tool will comes in very handy when the operating system crash occur or if there is some problem in the system.
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