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The next-generation iPod touch’s white front revealed?

We’ve received photos of a purported white iPod touch front panel. Specifically, this panel is the digitizer component, according to the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop. We obviously cannot confirm the legitimacy of these photos but according to iFixYouri, they fall in line with the fourth generation iPod touch’s build. Knowing this, these can either be photos of a scrapped white iPod touch 4 in white or (hopefully) photos of the fifth-generation iPod touch’s front panel in white.
Although we have been hearing some whispers of a new form-factor for the fifth-generation iPod touch, the previously accurate Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the fifth-generation iPod touch will, in fact, come in white and will feature an overall design that is akin to that of the fourth-generation iPod touch. Additionally, iOS SDK data reveals that the iPod 4,2 (possibly the fifth-gen iPod touch) will be more about internal changes. On that note, we’ll likely see the dual-core A5 processor to move the iPod touch ahead in the growing mobile gaming industry, and maybe some better cameras. More info and a few more high-resolution pictures of the white panel are after the break…

Coupled with Kuo’s report and this white part, we think that a white iPod touch 5 is a possibility. Additionally, in an interview, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller revealed that Apple’s work and engineering on the white iPhone 4 has positively affected the company on a broader scale. With the existence of a white iPhone and a white iPad, a white iPod touch should fit in quite nicely.

On the other hand, a previous rumor claims that Apple plans to release a 3G capable iPod touch in September. These are conflicting reports actually, as some claim that Apple has pushed back the September launch of the new iPod line up to release iPhone 5. Apple probably knows best what’s about to happen, come September 2011.

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a good track record when it comes to revealing information about upcoming Apple products has also claimed that the people over at Cupertino are planning to release a white iPod touch later this year whereas production is expected to start in the end of August. Also, in iOS 5 SDK, references have been found ofiPod4,2 which hint at a possible revision to Apple’s blockbuster portable music player. By revision, it is implied that the white iPod touch 5 might be a slight update with no radical changes in design. A change in colour, the A5 dual-core processor and better cameras are all we can hope to get in the next generation iPod touch. A white iPod touch is definitely going to be a welcome addition to the family of both the white iPhone 4 and white iPad 2.

Again, we cannot confirm that these images are legitimate, they just have come to us not too long before supply-chain rumors of a white fifth-generation iPod touch emerged. Keep in mind that Apple could be possibly be toying with a white iPod touch model, yet never release it.
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