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Samsung Galaxy Xcover – The Waterproof Android Smartphone.

dares us to drop it in mud.

Samsung has finally announced the Galaxy Xcover, a ruggedised phone with IP67 protection against the elements.

It's not really a surprise that Samsung is bringing this phone, given the leaks all over the internet in the last day or two and the success of the
Motorola Defy.

The Galaxy Xcover is likely to be a lot cheaper than Moto's challenger though, given the spec sheet shows some low-end choices.

For instance we're looking at a 3.65-inch screen with a 3MP camera (albeit with flash included) and an 800MHz processor pumping away under the hood.
Take that, Moto

However, Android 2.3 is included on the phone out of the box, which is one in the eye for the Defy, despite it's slightly higher spec sheet.


The Galaxy Xcover comes with full IP67 rating, which means its splash, dust and shockproof. There's also a 2GB microSD card in the box for media, helping to supplement the meagre 150MB internal memory.

Samsung has predictably not given us a UK price for the Xcover, but has set the UK release date for 'later on this year' - so if you're planning an extreme Christmas perhaps you should consider this your next mobile purchase.
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