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VGA to RCA adapter , steps in connecting laptop to TV

How do you connect your laptop to your TV?

This is a very normal and even common questions to ask especially if the person is not well verse in electronic or does not know the existence of VGA to RCA adapter.

Connecting two different devices that are not meant to pair up like TV and DVD player or Electric guitar and amplifiers, or Multimedia projector device and computer or laptop, is not very common. In the absence of the paired device, like having a working CPU and but a busted Computer Monitor, we always find something to replace the other either temporarily or indefinitely.

Going back to the question how do you connect a laptop to a TV, yes people do this despite the fact that a laptop has an integrated screen. Common reason is for a great visual presentation. When the presenter can have a good look of his own presentation without turning his back from the audience at the same time the audience will have a good view of the presentation with the annoying back of the presenter blocking scene. Of course when you want to do this, it is presumed also that the TV screen is much bigger than the screen of your laptop.

Anyway, here are the classic steps in connecting your laptop to your TV. You can not just assume also that your laptop and TV will simply be connected by VGA to assist you to RCA adapter. The VGA and RCA might not be available in your equipment considering that there are other cables and adapters that may be used for linking electronic equipments together.

First check both your devices. Know what you have. If you have an HDTV with
 HDMI inputs, then your laptop must also have the compatible HDMI outputs so that these two devices will work as one unit.
If in case your laptop does not have an HDMI output, then it might have a DVI output. DVI is compatible and can be connected with an HDMI since both are digital cables that produce the same resolutions.
In the absence of both cables, the next thing that you should check if it has a VGA output. It is also capable of higher resolutions. However, you have to check of your TV of its resolution because TV supports vary with VGA adapter.

If not, then you may check if the laptop has S-Video output. This will most probably do.
Once connected, detect your TV in your laptop after booting it. But that is not the end of it yet because you need to output the sounds to your TV.

You need to have a digital coaxial cable or a 3.5mm jack to RCA adapter.

However, all these can be done by one connector provided that VGA is present in the laptop. All you need is to buy your VGA on the way to RCA adapter to save all the hassles. This adapter is already available in the market. VGA output is connected to the laptop, and then the other end of the cable has three jacks that will connect to the video inputs and the RCA for the sound inputs as well.

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