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Windows 8 Features ; What will Microsoft Add?

What Windows 8 Features will Microsoft offer next?

Will Windows 8 support DVD drives? Everton’s recent post indicates it won’t. So what else is in store for Windows 8? What other things will it support or not support?

Here is a short list of upcoming changes to the system.

Do you like Mac’s Time Machine Backup System? Then you’ll like History Vault. Apple’s Time Machine is a backup utility. The software works with the Time Capsule as well as other internal or external drives. So Microsoft is planning to add the History Vault as a backup system in Windows 8.

IE 10 will be the default browser on the Windows 8 System. Whether it will be locked into the OS is still unclear. When Microsoft made the Internet Explorer a part of the Windows XP system, Europe forced Microsoft to break it out so other browsers could work on the OS.

Windows 8 Versions galore. Expect to have a Home, Pro, and Ultimate versions of Windows 8 available.

Intel and ARM processors will be the defacto processors for Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft has learned a lot from Apple (so have many other companies for that matter). And one of the interesting things to come out of it is the Windows store, to compete with the Apple store.

Online storage service. Microsoft will have access to the Azure online storage similar to Apple’s iDisk.

Built in PDF support. On a Mac this has been a standard for years now; Microsoft will follow suit.

Boot up time will be faster with hybrid boot. The PC will be in semi-hibernation mode and will keep certain files pre-loaded to make boot up faster.

Pre-loaded Piracy Check Software. This will let users know if their version of the software is pirated or not.

While these are in the rumor stage, some have been confirmed by Microsoft and others await information displays on the Builds that come out.
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