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Install Galaxy S3 ROM on Galaxy Ace.

Samsung Galaxy Ace is a super mid ranged phone. It is highly popular phone in the mid range Android category. It comes with a powerful 1 GHz ARM V6 Processor. I have used this phone after the iPhone and it feels great instead of iOS because of Android customization.
Samsung Galaxy S III was also launched some time ago. It came with awesome TouchWiz Nature UX which has ability to fight with HTC Sense 4.0. It got a lot of good reviews and people enjoyed using the TouchWiz UI.
Today I have a great news for Samsung Galaxy Ace. It comes with most features of TouchWiz Nature UX of Samsung Galaxy S III. This ROM is mainly based on CyanogenMod 9. It comes with S-Voice which is a Siri competitor and works great in the Samsung Galaxy Ace.
Screen Shots :-

Main Features of S3 Evolution ROM :-

  • TouchWiz From Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Based on Unofficial CyanogenMod 9
  • Real AccuWeather from Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Modified Icons
  • Ported and Re-sized Apps
  • Samsung Galaxy S III Sounds
  • Compatibility of S-Voice – You have to download it – It does not comes with the package
  • Swype Keyboard
  • Best Performance
  • Comes with Latest Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
This is a great ROM according to its features. This is an unofficial ROM so your warranty will be void if you install this ROM but if you flash the Stock ROM, your warranty will get back. You need a your phone Rooted and installed ClockWorkMod to install this ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. Please DO NOT TRY to install this ROM on anyother phone than Samsung Galaxy ACE otherwise you may Brick your device.
You can download the ROM from the Official Development Page at XDA-Forums. This ROM is currently in BETA but I’ve been rarely facing any big in the Beta 2 version. I recommend all of you to try installing this great ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Ace.
This ROM does not come with S-Voice in package but you can install it buy Downloading this file and opening it via File Manager after putting it in your Micro-SD Card. You need “Unknown Sources” to be ticked in Settings to install this file. S-Voice can be downloaded . Then go to settings > Language&imput > voice recogniser > selsect Samsung powered by vlingo and then go to settings > Language&imput > text-to-speech output and select Pico TTS. S-Voice will start working now.
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