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Top 53 [Root] Apps for Android

Most of you might be very much familiar with the rooting procedure. Its the process of giving yourself superuser permissions (ex - administrator in windows xp ). If you are using a custom rom, then there is no need to specifically root your phone. But if you are using stock roms, then there is a guide to root in the forums.
Once rooted, you can now take your own decisions for your device which include improving system performance or flashing custom roms using cwm recovery or using any of these below listed apps. Use it wisely, as playing with your device performance can have damaging effects.


Moving on, many of the rooted-on-stock and custom rom users might already know most of these apps and their uses, so this thread is for the begginers who have just rooted their devices.
Further, most of these apps are available in the playstore (mostly paid, but if you want the cracked versions, you can find them in the internet.
So here are some of the apps that might be usefull for you. I will also update this apps list as soon as, I find more usefull apps.    

adbWireless does exactly what its name implies, all without the need for a USB cable. There really isn’t much to say as the app is, quite literally, a big red button that you can push to enable/disable wireless ADB connection. There’s also a widget for those times when you’re too lazy to fire up the full application. Its available on the playstore for free.

Blocks data access to a list of sites that store ads. Speeds up browsing experience as the ads aren’t downloaded along with the site and even blocks many ads from displaying in many of the ad supported apps.

Hate using scripts like V6 supercharger ?
Then is THE app for you.
It tweaks your xperia just like the V6, to run smoothly. It kills all the idle process running in the background and saves a lot of battery. You can choose various OOM values for all the apps like foreground, visible, empty etc. Donators are also able to choose alternate presets, enter Chuck Norris mode, and enjoy an ad-free experience. Its available in the playstore for free, worth a try.

an app that every rooted user should have installed. I know what you’re thinking – an antivirus app? Really? Yes, really. This app is different than the rest of the anti-virus applications in the Market, because it is also the best anti-theft solution of any app. (The other features of the app are top-notch, as well, but the anti-theft functionality is its only root function). Why is its anti-theft so good? Because
it used to be Theft Aware , an app that is listed above. TA was bought out buy avast! and incorporated into its Mobile Security app. The best part is that the root function of the app wasn’t altered in any way – avast’s anti-theft setup is identical to Theft Aware in every way but with a wonderfull UI – it’s simple and intuitive, and when it’s finished, you can rest assured that if your device is ever lost or stolen it’s as protected as it can be.
avast! Mobile Security is free and if you only choose to install one app from this roundup, I suggest that this is the one.

BATTERY CALLIBRATIONIf you have a regular habit of changing roms ? Then this is the right app for you.
Its a battery calibration app. It wipes all the battery stats/data from your phone and will make your phone ready to produce some fresh new stats. In this way your battery will last longer as it is always recommended to calibrate the battery after flashing a new rom. Its a free app and is available in the playstore.

BUSYBOX INSTALLERDid you ever feel, where can I get a old version of busybox ? This is a common query while using the V6 Supercharger, since it recommends a busybox 1.18.2 or higher version. So ever come across an app that requires an older version of busybox ? Then this is right app to turn for. Its a free app and many versions are available in the playstore so, choose wisely

This is an similar to virtual buttons bar app, but with a slightly different and better UI. Button Savior might be worth a look.

CacheMate is cache cleaner app like no other cache cleaning app does it. Two, CacheMate can clear certain data from the device. This was/is extremely tedious to accomplish and linux does not handle this. Three, CacheMate clears cache from the SD card. While you can go and do this yourself, CacheMate does it all for you just by a simple tap on screen.

If you have specific numbers that you want to be blocked each time they call, then there’s a good chance you’ve turned to apps that automate this process. There is one problems with that, though:
Most apps still let your phone ring at least once. That’s where Root Call Blocker rises above the rest. Root Call Blocker detects incoming calls at the system level, so it can block them much more efficiently. In fact, it’s so efficient that it blocks the call before your phone even rings, so you’re completely unaware that the offending caller has tried to contact you in the first place. The app offers
many other features as well, such as call logs, multiple rejection methods, multiple profiles, caller grouping, SMS auto-replies, and much more. This app is not free, but there is also a trial version so you can give it a try before dropping any money.

It’s probably the best call and text firewall in the playstore. It can control dozens of variables in countless situations – everything from blocking certain numbers during certain times of day, sending specific numbers to voicemail, to auto-hang ups etc.

With this app you can play all the HD games on your mini. It comes with various visual gameplay options. Its a paid app and is available in the playstore. Do give it a try.

It will make sure apps on your phone don’t unnecessarily waste your limited data plan without your knowledge. The app’s main feature is turning off EDGE or 3G or WiFi access for any application, thus allowing you to restrict which apps can access the network. In addition to saving bandwidth, DroidWall can be used for security – just lock down a suspicious app to make sure it doesn’t try to unnecessarily encroach your privacy. As an added bonus, a log of what goes on is included.

The inability to mount your SD card to both your phone and PC at the same
time can be quite annoying, as you can’t access any of the information or apps that reside on your SD card when your device is mounted to your computer. Dual Mount SD Card is a simple and practical solution to this problem, as it allows you to access your SD card from phone and PC alike while it’s mounted. In order for this app to function properly, you must first disable Android’s auto-mount option, using the widget instead. This available on the playstore.

EASY TETHERToo lazy to go into settings>wireless and networks>tethering>usb tether ??
Then this is your go to app. Its a one-click tethering app for your mini so that you can use it to browse on your laptop or desktop. Its a free app available in the playstore.

This an application for exploring your phone’s directories.
For developers, its usefulness is self-explanatory. For the average user, it certainly is a solid file explorer with a better interface especially, ES file exp. One more unique feature of these file explorers is the ability to modify permissions settings on files or folders. It comes packed with some solid features apart from the conventional file viewing. Its completely free and is available in the market.

It not only allows users to backup and restore game data, but download and share game progress over the Game On network. Yeah, you read right – share. Game. Data. Maybe you’re stuck on a particular part of a game. Perhaps you just don’t feel like playing through all the boring crap (Gta 3) and want to jump straight into the good stuff. It doesn’t matter the reason you want to progress in a game – Game On is the solution. Game On costs a buck in the playstore. So give it a try and happy gaming !

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted any data from your mini, then Hexamob Recovery Pro is here to save the day. Hexamob Recovery Pro is a data recovery tool designed to grab deleted files from either the SD card or internal storage of your Android phone. It supports the FAT file system, and offers the ability to scan the media for specific files types, including audio, video, images etc.

Juice Defender is a battery conservation app. It uses various triggers, rules, and timers to control how often your device utilizes 3G/EDGE APN’s and wifi. These data connections are the number one drainers of battery life when your phone is idle, so Juice Defender allows you to decide when, where, and how often you want them to be active. Ultimate Juice ( paid version of Juice Defender) must be installed over an existing copy of Juice Defender, which unlocks a few additional capabilities for users with root permissions. It also provides some extra goodies for root users including the ability to adjust CPU clock speeds on the run to conserve battery, which requires root permissions.

When it comes to landscape keyboards, it’d be hard to top what HTC has going with Sense UI. If it’s portrait input you’re after, however, Swype is the cream of the crop. So how can you decide ? Should you manually change your input method each and every time you switch orientations, or type exclusively in one
position? As it turns out, you won’t have to partake in either of those practices; downloading Keyboard Manager will suffice. The app is simple:
Allow users to use one keyboard in portrait mode and another when they turn their phone on its side.

This is probably one of the best privacy guards that are ever seen apart from the pdroid patch by Yagya. Its functionality is akin to that of a software firewall, with some elements of Windows UAC thrown in. LBE sits in the background and “listens” to your apps as they request various permissions and then provides you a notice with options to either grant or deny access.

It changes the font of your mini, virtually everything. This is not a resolution changer (lol) , as I have seen many comments in playstore. It simply changes the depth and space of your mini. Using the app is very easy – simply adjust the slider or click on one of the big rectangular buttons to alter the density, then click ‘Apply’ to restart your device and see the changes in effect. Of course, the smaller the font, the harder it is to press onscreen objects; the larger the font, the more screen space goes to waste.

You won't have any words, to being shown the real dmesg (kernel debug) or logcat (Android debug) log every time your mini boots up ? So this is an app for all those dev's out there who are crazy about logs.

Another simple yet incredibly useful root-only app:
Market Autoupdate Bulk Toggle. This is an app that takes the Market’s auto-update feature to a whole new level:
Pressing "Autoupdate On" does exactly what you’d expect: it turns on auto-update for all of your installed apps. That’s it – you’ll never have to confront that pesky "Allow automatic updating" option in the Market again. The only caveat is that the program only enables automatic updates for apps that are already installed and won’t apply to those installed in the future – for those, you’ll have to rerun Market Autoupdate Bulk Toggle and press "Autoupdate On" again. Unsurprisingly, you’ll still have to push the "Update" button yourself when an app receives a manual update (which only happens when its permissions change – not a frequent occurrence). Although this feature is present in the playstore, all those who like using the old market this surely comes in handy. It’s free and available on the playstore.

One of the most frequent excuses for piracy has to be "The app isn’t available in my country" or "Google doesn’t allow paid apps where I live." No longer!
MarketEnabler makes your Android phone believe it’s on another carrier – perhaps even one in another country. For example, a Swede could use this app to access Google Books, which is, by official terms, available exclusively in the US, right ? So use it and let the downloading begin !

Move2SD Enabler or Install manager, allow users to move any app to the SD card. Like adbWireless, it’s as simple as pressing a button. It’s free and both the the apps are available in the playstore. Although scripts like s2e and link2sd etc are there its sometimes convinient to use apps like these.

Pretty much like titanium backup but, if you love backing up your phone’s
data but wish you back all of it up at once, all for free. MyBackup might just
be the perfect app. With it, you can not only back up your apps data before changing ROMs; you can also schedule backups, back up to your SD card, and back up things you never even thought possible, such as contact info, home screens, and SMS/MMS conversations.
This app offers two versions, a free version with nearly all of the functionality, and a paid version for $4.99. The main difference is that the free edition only allows you to save your backups on your SD card, while the premium allows placing them on Rerware’s servers, although I wouldn’t recommend anybody who
values their data to use a random online service.

Reboot Control does 4 things, and 4 things only:
It allows you to reboot, recovery boot, wipe handset or bootloader boot with a single tap. The real usefulness of QuickBoot is in the ability to make home screen widgets for these functions, so they’re always at your fingertips. Since, almost all the custom roms these days use this as a built-in function so this app can be usefull for the stock users.

ROM Manager allows you to flash almost any ZIP to your phone, whether it be a kernel, ROM, app package, or radio image or even initiate a nandroid backup.
Although it is strongly recommended to use the clockworkmod recovery or rz recovery for cfw and odin for stock, as many mini users reported it was bricking their phone.

Similar to any other file explorer app in the market. But its specialty is that, it can crawl deep into the deepest corners of android and modify them like the elusive dalvik cache to sd. Its a paid app available in the market.

ROOT UNINSTALLERAnnoyed by the fact that you can't remove those useless system apps ? No more ! This is that app, that removes all the useless apps from your mini. It can also freeze user apps, backup them, delete them, unfreeze them, move them sd card etc. Its a powerful to have and sometimes may come in handy some times. Its a free app available in the playstore.

Samba file sharing is the bomb. It turns your phone into an smb server and puts your sd card on your desktop when you’re on a wifi network. It allows you to share files between your mini and pc over WiFi as a Windows shared folder. With this free app, you can wirelessly copy files to/from your Android device via the same drag-and-drop interface you use when your handset is plugged into your computer with a standard USB cable. Even the security freaks have a reason to celebrate –
Samba offers customizable username and password options in addition to letting users choose a Windows workgroup name and a device network (NETBIOS) name.

Taking a lot of screenshots and "videos" of apps and games is a habit to you ? Then Screencast is your go-to app, especially for the latter. If you ever find yourself in need of a way to record what’s happening on-screen, look no further than Screencast. The app costs $4, but there is a demo available so you can give it a shot before you buy.

SD Maid frees up space on your phone’s SD card by cleansing it of "corpses in the basement," or unnecessary data left behind by apps no longer installed on your mini. It works with all roms currently on the forums. Use it and know the difference.

These apps let you control the speed of operation of your mini. They come with all the latest governers and I/O schedulers, though some roms governers are rom specific. Also, an Overclock kernel is required to use this app.

It’s essentially a stripped down version of WireShark. It’s a particularly geeky app to have, but for developers or those of us obsessed with monitoring where our traffic is going its a great app. Shark monitors all network activity on your device (presumably from all interfaces) and outputs a .pcap file by consrving quite an amount of battery when compared to other apps in the playstore. So use it and know the difference yourself.

This app is for all those dev's out their, who want show the world what they have achieved.
ShootMe is a screenshot capture app that allows you to take a screenshot of your mini with a simple shake of your device.

SCREENSHOT ERAnother screenshot app. Its a completely free app in the playstore unlike any other in the playstore. As it is free, there has to be some way to chop our legs. :P . So that drawback is a 6-sec delay after taking every screenshot. Though if u buy it, you can reduce that delay to 1-sec. Some of its features are, screenshot preview ( various views for previews ) , shake SS, on-screen button, notification capture etc. Use it and the know the difference yourself.

A screenshot app that has all the cool features like shake to capture your screen. Its fully functional trial is available in the playstore. Use it and feel the app before investing in it

"THE" app for applying "ANY" script for your phone. It can help create terminal widgets for apps that aren't available for that app, by simple taps of the screen. SM widgets is another add-on for this app so you can use its full power.
It can also help tweak your phones performance by applying scripts like V6, kickass, 3G booster etc. A must have app for any dev or tweaker. It can serve as a decent root explorer for an average user. Its available in the playstore for free.

The dev of this app claims it to increase the external memories speed upto 40 times than before. You can set this app to work from boot. If you don't believe me or the dev, just use any of the benchmark tools and see the proof your self. Its a tiny-free app available on the playstore. Do try it

Originally developed by our xda member '"brainmaster". Its a similar app to SD Booster. The app has similar results to that of its competitor in terms of write/read speeds in any benchmark apps. Its also a tiny-free app available in the playstore.

The most complete android system utility app/tool. It does all activities like backing-up your apps, task killer, logcat reader, terminal emulator, memory controls, freeze/unfreeze apps, activity recorder, system tweaker etc. Use it and you'll know the difference yourself. You can also setup widgets and notification indicators to any of these function and monitor your phone with real ease. Its a free app available in the playstore.

SIXAXIS CONTROLLERSixaxis Controller allows you to connect a PS3 controller to your mini, giving you the ability to have a full gaming experience on your handset. You grab Sixaxis Controller form the Market for $1.62.

If you have a habit of forgetting things ? Then this is the BEST app available in the whole playstore. Then only drawback of this app is, YOU. lol, yeah coz if you forget to set the tasker to do its task, then you are actually limiting its function. So moving on, Tasker is powerful app that has triggers which can make you remember the mildest things through its alarm and etc functions, 200+ built-in actions , task completion, scene/icon/design your own task according to yourself. So what are you waiting for ? OH wait, have you forgotten what you were doing ? Then first download this app.
Its a paid app available in the playstore.

Theft Aware, while considerably more complex than the other items on the list, is an Android security app unlike any other. With it, you can remotely track your phone if it gets lost or stolen, wipe it, call it and spy on the thief, and much more. Its free and available on the playstore.

Losing all the apps on your device accidentally or while flashing custom rom is a bad feeling. Re-downloading every app is a painstaking work so fortunately for root users, Titanium Backup provides the solution. Titanium Backup is a powerful backup utility which stores your apps, app data, and system data on your SD card for safekeeping. Titanium Backup can also painlessly remove, freeze-unfreeze any app, including system apps. This app can be configured to run its tasks on a schedule, and the $3.99 donate version allows you to set up multiple schedules for the various combinations of backups it is capable of performing.

This one is sure to save many people a lot of heartache. We’ve all mistakenly
deleted files before, potentially losing them forever. The next time that happens, though, Undelete is here to save the day by scanning your device’s SD Card, finding all the deleted files, and, in most cases, restoring these files. The app is free in the playstore, so there’s no excuse to ever lose another file.

Total Commander is a feature packed dual-pane file manager for Android, based off of the popular Windows file manager of the same name. It really is the only file manager that you’ll ever need. Most of the CM7 roms come cooked with it, in case you are using stock this will come in real handy.

If your mini's buttons are about to fall off or something has happened and your buttons no longer work, then this app can save you a lot of time and trouble. Its entire purpose is to provide on-screen emulation of the dedicated hardware
buttons on most Android devices. The app offers various customizable features, such as user-definable buttons and positions, lockscreen animations, the ability to change various hardware button actions (volume, camera, etc) and a few
aesthetic variations such as transparency and button size. Virtual Button Bar is $1.63, but there is fully-functional trial available, as well in the playstore.

WiFi Protector is a security app that protects your device from Wi-Fi sniffing attacks. It’ll detect and prevent ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) attacks, like DoS (Denial of Service) and MitM (Man in the Middle). Unlike most of the other apps in the roundup, this one actually offers a little bit of functionality for non-rooted users too. It can even defend your mini against WiFiKill, an app that can eject basically any user off of a Wi-Fi network with the tap of a button. Its a paid app available on the playstore.

Wireless Tether remains the best way to utilize your mini as a WiFi or Bluetooth (PAN) hotspot. Its free and its open source. Available in playstore. But, it is certainly a battery killer so use it while charging the device.*

Another on-screen app. You must be wondering, whats wrong with this guy. Well, the only reason is my phone. My buttons are almost gonna fall off. So I pretty much like the apps which have various customizations. So bare with me :P.
Moving on, this app is on the same bandwidth as Button Savior etc. zMooth relies on webOS-like gestures rather than clunky virtual buttons. To access zMooth, users can start by simply pulling up a blue (default) bar from the bottom of the screen. To go back, they can swipe left; swiping right is pressing the Menu button; and drawing an "up-arrow" will return to homescreen. The $1.19 pro version adds the ability to change the gesture area’s width and colors as well as a "lightning strike" gesture for powering the device on/off.

Probably the only app to give some competition to screencast app. Its a similar app compared to the screencast video recorder. It simply has two big buttons, when the app is opened. It simply records whatever is happening on the screen and saves the video to your sd directly. It has fully functional demo in the playstore. Try it before buying it.
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