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Root Sony Xperia Z: Complete Rooting Guide.

Sony Xperia Z is the current flagship of Sony and is available to you from local stores or from online retailers. Today in this article we will be dealing with 'How to Root Sony Xperia Z' by following the simple guide given below. Rooting Xperia Z will let you install many apps from Google PLAY Store that needs root access. Also there are various other benefits like tweaking your phone's performance, speed and for accessing other system folders. Very soon we will also update with guide on installing custom ROM firmwares in Sony Xperia Z. So let us now focus on how to root Xperia Z. Before you proceed further, you need to make sure some of the following precautions for avoiding any lose of important data.

Precautions: As you will be wiping all the data on your Xperia Z during the rooting procedure, you will loose all the important data and information stored on the device. So it is highly recommended for you to create a complete backup for Xperia Z. Don't create a backup using SONY's PC companion, as it will not backup each and every data store. Backup your data and information with the help of the following steps mentioned below.

  • SMS- Use "SMS Backup & Restore app"
  • Contacts- Sync with Google account
  • Call Log- Install and Use "Call Log Backup & Restore app"
Images, Musics, Videos and other Files- Copy to your Computer/External SD card

Important: You will need to go to the path "Settings-> Applications-> Development-> USB debugging" and tick the USB Debugging option in order to enable USB debugging. It is also important to keep your device with at least 30% or more battery level, so that the device does not get switched off during the procedure.

Disclaimer: We shall not held responsible for any damage that may happen to your device due to performing this procedure carelessly without following the guide properly.
Assuming that you have read and understood the above mentioned instructions, let us now check on to the main section of this article, which is 'how to root Xperia Z'. Read the instructions very carefully and follow them only after you clearly understood.

Steps to Root Sony Xperia Z:

  • The first step for you is to download the Sony Flash tool to your computer. Now extract the downloaded file, install it on your computer and open it. Now with the original USB data cable, you have to connect your Xperia Z to the computer. 
  • There is a small changes that you will need to do if you are on a Windows 8 based devices. Here you will need to open the command prompt by typing 'cmd' on the start screen. Now in the command prompt window, type the given below command and press Enter. 
shutdown -o -r -t 0
  • Now after typing the command, select the option "Disable Driver Signing". After that choose the option "Have disk" and now you can manually install the Flash tool driver. After the installation, restart your computer and disconnect your phone. Now go to the above mentioned path and enable USB Debugging on your Xperia Z. 
  • Next step for you is to download "Easy rooting Toolkit" for your Xperia Z and extract it within your computer. Now reconnect your Xperia Z to the computer using the USB data cable. Now open the extracted folder and within that you can find a file called "RunMe.bat", run the same and finally a message will be shown as "Restore Data". 
  • Now you will have to restore the data in your phone by following the on-screen instructions and finally you will be able to see a message saying "Restoring data is completed".
  • Now after seeing the message "Restoring data is completed", go to the dialer app of your phone and on the keypad dial the number as *#*#7378423#*#*. This will show the Service Menu of the device.
  • Now select "Service tests" from the given list of options and on the next series of options select "Display". After this press the power power of your device to turn off the screen and after few seconds press and hold the power button until it gives a beep sound. 
  • Now there will be a series of command prompt for outputs and finally you will end up with a message telling "Cleaning up". After this the device will automatically reboot.
  • It will take few minutes to load the home screen, as it is first time booting after unlocking the device's boot loader. Now after the device is being booted completely, you can see the device to be rooted. You can confirm the same with the use of an application called "Root Checker" from Google PLAY Store.

Note: If in any case the device fails to reboot after these procedures, from the recovery mode you just need to clear the cache and repeat the whole procedure from the very beginning. 
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