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Change Android App Icons and titles with Samsung Stock launcher TouchWiz

you’ve always wanted to either change the icons or names of apps on your Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, look no further than XDA Recognized Developer M_J_Nazari‘s guide on how to do such simple modifications. What M_J_Nazari has written is a straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to easily change the icon and/or name of the chosen app with your hand-picked custom icon or name. The method requires you to download the attached APK provided in the forum post called CSCAppResource.apk, decompile it with the help of tools such as APKTool(download link) , replacing icons with those hand picked yourself, and creating and editing .xml files found in the APK. M_J_Nazari gets some bonus kudos for also provided accompanying examples of code with each creation and edit of .xml files necessary for a successful modification of the APK.
This guide has been confirmed to work with multiple Samsung models including the Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, and Note 2. So if you take a fancy to APK modifications or phone customization the old fashioned way without third party apps, most definitely this is the guid.

[GUIDE] [Advanced] How to make an IconPack for Samsung Touchwiz [JellyBean]

by M_J_Nazari 

I found the simple way to change the icons and names of applications on Samsung's TouchWiz UI.
you need to know about how to edit an apk and also how to find the application's package and activity names.

0-Download: CSCAppResource.apk
1-Decompile CSCAppResource.apk
2-add all your favorite icons to drawable folder.
3-Compile and Sign it.

already , you have CSCAppResource.apk with all icons , you added from above steps.

now , you need to decompile your edited CSCAppResource.apk file, after decompiling, goto Values folder and open the public.xml file vith Notepad++.

now you will find it like this one,, this is an example;

PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><resources>
    <public type="drawable" name="amestris_test" id="0x7f020000" />
now create a xml file and paste below lines into it.

PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0"?><cscappresource>

save it with CSCAppResource.xml file name.

now we want to add Icon for specific application. for example we want to change the icon for Browser.

the Browser application activity name is " ".

now we will define the Icon for Browser activity. see below example.

back to "CSCAppResource.xml" file and this line between cscappresource tag.
PHP Code:
<item name="" iconid="7f020000"/> 
at final we have the "CSCAppResource.xml " like this one.
PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0"?><cscappresource>
<item name="" iconid="7f020000"/>
save the file and copy CSCAppResource.xml and CSCAppResource.apk to this folder:
** you need to create "appresource" folder, if not exists.

give permissions to folder and files then reboot your phone.

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