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Owlet: check your baby safety via mobile

Owlet, A Bootie That Tells You How Your Baby Is Breathing

Within the last year my wife and I had our second child.  Let me tell you, as a parent your lives are fraught with stress and worry about the little darlings.  But now, the weight of knowing whether or not your mini me is safe and sound can be lifted, slightly anyway, thanks to a new device called Owlet.
Owlet is a small device, that your baby wears whilst sleeping, it signals respiration and heart rate and you can check in on the little one via a mobile device. As a parent of two, I remember more than a few moments spent sneaking in on the little ones, carefully may I add, just to check if they were alright.  With Owlet having so many features and being such an innovative piece of kit, I can say that, in our lives at least, I wish it would have been on the market three years ago!  Owlet uses pulse oximetry to monitor blood oxygen levels and heart rate of babies and because of its design, it is a small bootie that the baby wears whilst sleeping, the blend of functionality and design of the device just works. The company is asking for pledges of $159 to get an early-bird unit (the price will then go up to $199 once they sell out).  They are looking for funding of $100,000 and so far they have reached $25,000 You can preorder here and they plan on shipping in November.
Owlet: Check Your Baby's Safety Via Mobile
The sensor measures heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing, and sends sleep alerts when baby rolls over while asleep. It also takes temperature measurements. It runs on Bluetooth LTE so you can check on your baby when it is nearby using your smartphone or remotely via an web enabled computer.  There are definitely similar tools on the market that you can use, (we actually used an Angelcare system), but nothing comes close to a wearable device.  (Even newborn’s can get wearable tech!)
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