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Transfer file using LAN cable between laptop and PC

Send files from one computer to another

When to use lan cable Send files from one computer to another

This method is most useful when we have to share large files between two computers.

It would be very tiring to keep on inserting and removing the pen drive again and again.this is when lan cable comes into the picture , you have to connect it once and then leave it and when you come back you data would be transfer .No need to stand there and waste your time by looking at it.
Using a wired connection the speed is also impressive , generally better than pen drive.

Things that you required

  • Two laptop (mandatory)
  • A lan cable (obviously)
  • Little bit of your time and patience (only if it’s your first time)

Difficulty  level : moderate

Step 1

Connect one computer to another using lan cable.

Step 2

OK now you have to enable sharing option .
Go to Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center > change Advanced sharing settings.

Enable sharing option
Make sure you turn on network detection and turn off password protection off.

Step 3

Bring both the computers on same network.

1. Open control panel Control Panel >> Network and Internet >>Network Connections
connect two computer using a lan cable
2. You will see Local Area Connection 2 .
3. Right click it and navigates to properties .
4. You will see tcp/ ivp4 option there and select it’s properties .

5. Select this use the following ip address

Put the following value on 1st computer

Ip address          
Subnet mask
Default gateway


Put the following value on 2nd computer

Ip address
Subnet mask
Default gateway

2nd laptop ip address
Basically what we are doing is keeping the subnet mask same and changing the ip address .If everything went good you will see the two computer name in the Networks.

Two computer connected under same network using lan

Step 4

Share a folder on lan

Assuming that you have connected the cable properly and enable the sharing option now it’s time Send files from one computer to another , this is very simple
1.Select the folder you want to share , right click it .
2.Select share this >> specific people.

3. On the drop down menu select everyone >> add >> click share.

enjoy sharing..

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