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Themer beta Android app : theming beautiful than ever

Our Android Themes forum  is filled with people showing off their custom designed homescreens. These are among the most popular threads on all of XDA, and the ability to customize is one of the things that we most love about Android.
A little over a year ago, we discovered a small site called MyColorScreen that was built for sharing Android themes. Designers can upload screenshots, “tag” them to show what widgets and launchers were used, and share the graphic assets required to replicate the themes. Today, it’s probably the most known site among this community of designers. We decided to form a partnership with MyColorScreen, and as with, XDA members are able to authenticate on MyColorScreen directly with their XDA accounts.
The problem with theming as it exists today, obvious to anyone who’s tried to create copies of home screens posted on MyColorScreen or on XDA, is that it’s difficult and very time-consuming. Depending on your device and resolution, it’s extremely frustrating to get everything just right.
For the past nine months, we’ve been working with MyColorScreen, which is headquartered with its development team in Irvine, California (about 3,000 miles from the XDA offices), to build an app that dramatically simplifies theming both for designers and end-users. The product, Themer by MyColorScreen, allows users to apply themes in one click.  If you want to sign up for the beta, visit

About Themer Beta
Themer is more than an app. It will transform your homescreen to something that is beautiful, functional, and designed to fit the way you use your phone. Just choose one of our many free themes from the in-app browser and press apply. We have sports, sci-fi, nature, minimalism, movies, music, and games. Dozens of themes to choose from and more added daily. Based on the Android theming website,, Themer does all the hard work for you, setting up wallpaper, widgets, and icons in one click.

- The app is free and themes are free.
- Easily go back to your old homescreen setup (though we doubt you'll want to!).
- All themes are customizable, or you can use them as-is.
- New "Favorites" tab in the app drawer lets you quickly access your most-used apps.
- Themer Actions technology learns your app preferences. It doesn't matter if you're using Pandora or Spotify for music, WeatherBug or AccuWeather for weather, or TweetCaster or HootSuite for Twitter. Themer will get it right.

When Themer debuted a few weeks ago, everyone in the Android community was up in a tizzy and with good reason — it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your boring Android homescreen a complete overhaul. There was only one problem. Themer was only available by invite, and many Android users were left waiting in a long line to get a crack at it.

Themer sign up
Today, Themer has finally gone open beta. What that means is if you hop on over to and enter in your email address, you’ll immediately be presented with an invite code to plug into the app. Easy peasy. Don’t forget to download Themer from the Google Play Store via the link below. Have fun.

get Themer on Google Play

Basic Instructions:
- After install, Themer will apply a "welcome" theme to your device that explains how to find themes.
- Once you've applied your first theme, long press the homescreen and choose "Browse Themes" (or click the Themer icon in the app drawer) to return to the Themer menu.
- To make Themer your default homescreen, go to the Themer menu and choose "Set Home." Click "Themer" and "Always."
- To get back to your old homescreen, go to the Themer menu, choose "Settings," "Themer," and "Restore Old Homescreen."
- After applying a theme, swipe down anywhere on your screen to see your notification bar. Swipe up to hide it.

Please note that Themer supports most but not all devices running Android 4.1+. We are working hard to bring it to more devices and older versions of Android. If you are using a custom ROM that affects DPI or alters screen dimensions (such as the removal of soft keys), you will not be able to see any themes. Please restore to original configuration for Themer to function properly.

Below is a list of screen resolutions that it support:


If you are having a problem, the fastest way to get support is to use the contact form at

Recent changes:
*Beta 1.14 [v114]

- Crash fix when applying a theme with a Reddinator widget

*Beta 1.13 [v113]

- Memory optimization - Themer will release theme preview images from memory. (Android RAM settings will still show it as being used until another app needs it).
- Fixed wallpaper bugs
- Other UI and theme export fixes.
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