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Acess blocked websites in your college WIFI or LAN.

Here is an old method by me to open blocked websites in your college or office LAN.
There is no need of running any proxy routers. Simply follow my technique and open any website with a single click.
In this technique we are going to emulate opera mini for mobile in our PC/Laptop.

Step1 : First download KEmulator and Opera mini from the following links
KEmulator lite 0.9.8
Opera Mini Download(jar)

Step 2 : Open KEmulator.exe and this look like

Step 3 : As this is small in size (resolution of 320*240) to change its size goto View->Options and change settings values to settings shown in below image

Step 4 : Close KEmulator and open it it may look like this

Step 5 : Finally open downloaded opera mini with KEmulator by clicking on Midlet->Load Jar->select the opera mini .jar file from the directory where it is downloaded.

The main drawback is that we cannot assign actual keyboard keys for entering alphabets.we have to type alphabets as we do in our mobile(using numeric keys).But Opera mini 6.1 has on-board keyboard which helps us a lot in typing.
Another major drawback is that there is no flash plugin for opera we cannot play youtube or anyother videos.

Advantages in using this method :

1.This can be used in colleges where even proxy like tor,your-freedom is also blocked.
2.As this is a light weight browser which is used for mobile there will be quick data transfer so we can browse internet with higher speeds.
3.In opera mini 6 we can browse on multiple tabs and it allows multiple downloads.(downloaded files are present in KEmulator directory->file->root)

[note]-some websites like facebook,twitter etc.. are opened in mobile website as to make them open in normal pc websites format just type in the address bar of opera mini.
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