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Add Items to the Send to Menu via the Right-Click Menu tweak

Windows lets you add items to your Send To menu by placing shortcuts in the "Send To" (shell:sendto) folder. Here comes a VBScript in response to a reader’s request, that adds an extended verb named "Add to Send To" to the right-click menu, which helps you quickly send the item’s shortcut to the Send To folder. This script works fine in Windows 7/Vista/XP. 

Using the AddtoSendTo Script

1. Download, unzip and extract the script to a folder.
2. Run the script and press {ENTER} when you see the following dialog:
This adds the "Add to Send To" command (as an Extended verb, as this command may not be used too often.) to the right-click menu for executable files (.exe), Shortcuts (.lnk) and file system folders.
Click OK.

Adding Items to the Send To Menu

To access the "Add to Send To" command, press the SHIFT key and right-click on a shortcut, executable file or a directory.
The item will be added to your Send To menu.
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