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Customize Windows Vista and 7 Media Center Using Media Center Studio.

Media Center Studio start screen

"Media Center Studio" is a free and very useful utility for Windows Vista and 7. It allows you to easily customize look of Windows Media Center.
If you want to manually change the Media Center look, you'll need to edit a system file "ehres.dll" which is stored in "%windir%\ehome" directory. But no need to do so much complicated task, you can easily edit existing Media Center theme or create new themes using Media Center Studio.
Features List:
  • Edit your startmenu - rearrange or disable native menu items
  • Create your own menu strips, and your own items to go in them
  • Monitors your application and returns to Media Center when it exits
  • Set up a button on your remote to exit your application
  • Create menu items that take you to native Media Center pages, or start media
  • Apply themes to Media Center
  • Create new themes or edit existing ones
You can download it using following link:
After downloading, run the downloaded "MCStudioLauncher.application" file. It'll show a dialog boxasking your permission to install the main application, click on "Install" button and it'll download the main setup file (4.41 MB).
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