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Windows 8 build 7955 screenshot shows that microsoft is series about the 'RIBBON'

A few weeks ago, we had a first glimpse of the Ribbon making a presence in Windows 8. Much of the reception was negative, with many users claiming that too much screen real-estate was sacrificed. However, it seems that Microsoft has continued to build upon the Ribbon since then.
WinFuture was able unlock a couple of hidden features with the help of the Windows 8 community. Although most of us are still playing with our awfully outdated build that was compiled in September, fortunately for us, WinFuture was able to unlock these features in Windows 8 Build 7955. The exact build string was not given, but from our master list, we can see that this build was compiled only a few months ago.
6.2.7955.0.fbl_srv.110225-2127 (Shellstyle.dll)

So how does the Ribbon look now?

It looks almost the same at first glance, but the Ribbon is a lot more beefier now than it was before.
A much beefier Ribbon with many more options.
WinFuture stated that the Ribbon was able to be toggled off in this build. However, no screenshots were shown with the Ribbon off. You will see in the bottom right hand corner, that more display options have been added.

Sharing options, possible cloud or Windows Live ID integration?
The share menu still looks like a work-in-progress. It would be interesting to see if Microsoft will decide to add social-media links to its Ribbon.

Even pictures can be manipulated with basic controls from the Ribbon
Does this mean songs can be played without WMP being launched?
The quick access bar at the very top of the window pane will be customizable
Modern task manager is much more refined
Compared to the previous screenshots, we are seeing a Modern Task Manager that actually looks functionable.
Nested entries and additional info in header bar
Similar applications that show up as different applications are now grouped. Furthermore, the total usage of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network are now indicated at the top in addition the details for each application. A link to the performance dashboard is also present.
CPU Details
Here we see the dashboard, showing more information about the CPU than is indicated in Windows 7. The clock speed and up-time are now indicated. In additional, core information is provided as well.
It would be interesting to see if Microsoft will take into consideration any feedback that is heard from these leaked screenshots.
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