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New Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

To showcase the new touch technologies in Windows 7, Microsoft created the Windows 7 Touch pack originally just for OEM manufactures to ship with new computers with integrated touch hardware, the touch is now available to the public. Included are six programs that range from fun touch enabled programs to mini games.



What's the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7?

The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a collection of games and programs that you interact with using your fingers. To use these games and programs, you need either a laptop with a screen that supports multitouch or a desktop PC connected to a touchscreen that supports multitouch (including all-in-one PCs with touchscreens).

To find this capability, look for a laptop, all-in-one PC, or touchscreen with the Windows 7logo that says it supports Windows Touch.
The Touch Pack comes preinstalled on some multitouch PCs running Windows 7, but it isn't included in Windows 7. The Touch Pack is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.


Using touch gestures

If you have a computer with a touchscreen, you might find that gestures (motions that you make with one or two fingers) are easier to use than a mouse, pen, or keyboard.

Use flicks to perform tasks

You don't need to tap or click a menu item or a button on a toolbar to perform
 common tasks, such as copy, paste, undo, and delete. Instead, you can use a flick of your finger. For example, an upward flick moves a page down, and a downward flick moves a page up. There are two categories of flicks: navigational and editing.
You can customize flicks to do frequently-performed tasks.

Press and hold

Press and hold does the same thing as right-clicking an item. To perform the action, touch the screen where you want to right-click, hold until a complete circle appears, and then lift your finger. The shortcut menu appears after you lift your finger.

Windows Touch gestures

If your touchscreen can recognize at least two touch points, you can use Windows Touch gestures. To find out if your touchscreen supports more than one touch point, check the information that came with your laptop or touchscreen.


If you have a Tablet PC or touchscreen, you can see how many touch points are available on your computer in System, in Control Panel.
Open System by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
The following table describes Windows Touch gestures.
How to perform
Touch and drag the page with either one or two fingers.
Use panning to see another part of a page that has scroll bars. For example, you can pan to see part of a long document or spreadsheet that doesn’t appear in the window. When you pan with one finger, dragging your finger vertically moves the page, while dragging your finger horizontally selects text on the page.
To zoom out, touch two points on the item, and then move your fingers toward each other, as if you're pinching them together. To zoom in, touch two points on the item, and then move your fingers away from each other, as if you're stretching them apart.
Use zooming to make an item on the screen larger or smaller. With a picture, zooming in shows a smaller area in more detail; zooming out shows a larger area.
Touch two points on the item, and then move the item in the direction that you want to rotate it.
Use rotating to move a picture or other item on the screen in a circular direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise).
Press and tap
Press the item with one finger, then quickly tap with another finger, while continuing to press the item with the first finger.
Use press and tap to access the shortcut menu. Press and tap does the same thing as press and hold or right-clicking an item.

What's in the Touch Pack

The Touch Pack includes six games and programs that highlight the capabilities ofWindows Touch:
  • Microsoft Blackboard, an intricate game of physics in which you solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard.
  • Microsoft Garden Pond, a tranquil game that takes place in serene Japanese water gardens.
  • Microsoft Rebound, a game in which you use your fingertips to move Tesla balls with an electrical field between them to catapult a metal game ball into your opponent's goal.
  • Microsoft Surface Globe, a program that you can use to explore the earth as a flat 2‑D map or as an immersive 3‑D experience.
  • Microsoft Surface Collage, a program that you can use to explore and interact with your photos and arrange them as a desktop background.
  • Microsoft Surface Lagoon, a screen saver and interactive water simulation, complete with a meditative rock arrangement and playful, shy fish. Use your fingers to manipulate the water and have the school of fish respond.

The only requirement to use the Windows 7 touch pack is any version of Windows 7 and touch hardware installed on the PC. Sorry, you can’t use your mouse.
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