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Windows 8 screenshots: metro user intreface in Internet explorer & appx PDF modern reader.

more about the integrated PDF reader, and first actual demonstration of the tile UI being put into play with Internet Explorer. These are the first screenshots that really show off Metro UI being integrated into Windows 8 apps, and they look really nice.
Seems to me the man (Rafael Rivera) behind unlocking the Windows 7 M3 taskbar has gotten his hands on Windows 8, and is not shy to reveal  what he has found. But first…

Windows 8 AppX PDF Reader – Modern Reader

Windows 8 will finally feature a built-in PDF reader, called Modern Reader. And of course, Microsoft has not been shy to incorporate what will most likely be the biggest UI changes in Windows history. Call it what you like: Metro UI, Immersive UI, Tile UI – you will see that there is a common minimalistic theme throughout the designs, similar to Windows Phone 7.
Page slider can be found on the side
Changing pages on the slider will display a back button in the top-left corner to revert back to previous position
more below....

Side-by-side view
It will be one of the first apps to use the AppX  application package type. Paul Thurott who had contributed to this finding had this to say about AppX:
AppX is a new type of packaged application model in Windows 8, and it very closely resembles Windows Phone 7 application packages.

Tile-based UI seen in Internet Explorer:

Now we are finally able to see Metro UI really make its way into Windows 8. Below are the latest pictures of Internet Explorer in Windows 8.

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