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2013 TOP 25 GAMES "you Cannot Afford to MISS."

2013 TOP 25 GAMES you cannot afford to MISS is a massive collection of latest games and their release dates. Images depict the great passion required to play them. 2012 had been a great year for gamers and up until now 2013 also looks to be no less than an epic year for gamers worldwide, thanks to the promised releases of some great games. We today have compiled a great list of 25 highly anticipated upcoming games that you simply cannot afford to miss in 2013. Each of the games is reviewed to anticipate what you are about to enjoy in near future.




Call of Duty Black Ops 2, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision is sure to dominate gaming world in FPS genre.
Campaign mode provides us with a story connected in two different time lines. One set in 1970 – 1980 and the other set in near future 2025, offering two different protagonists , Alex Mason and his son David. 1970 – 1980 section of the game features Mason fighting cold war, and the infamy of main antagonist Raul Menendez, leader of “Cordis Die”.The 2025 part of the game features Mason’s son David. When cyber attack cripples the Chinese stock exchange forcing them to cut of the supply of rare element, initiating a cold war between China and U.S . In this era, war is faught by hi-tech unmanned vehicles and robotics giving the player a chance to take a glimpse of future.
Another new feature in black ops 2 is the introduction of Strike Force Missions in which player gets to handle futuristic jets and robots. For the first time the idea of absolute death is proposed in these missions, in which success rate may alter the course and output of the new Cold War. Release date November 13-2012.

#24 HALO 4

The upcoming installment Halo 4 is the sequel to Halo 3, with few changes to its specs including its previous developers Bungie. Now it is being developed by 343 Industries.
Developers suggested that this title will reveal how humanity and UNSC adapts to galaxy after their war with Covenant and promises to have resounding connection to its novels Halo:Glassland and Halo:Premordium. The game begins four years after Halo 3 with the return of “Master Chief” as the main protagonist It deviates from its traditional straightforward shooting and immerses the player in mystery and exploration .The key plot involves Cortana’s changes, her exposure to halo and her operation beyond her natural life span how may have played their part in her becoming rampart.
Developers gives little clue about story line but disclose that this time story will rely on two more parts, Halo 5 being much darker title before the story is concluded in Halo 6. Halo 4 is to be released in November 2012.

#23 FAR CRY 3

Ubisoft Montreal returns to us with spectacular graphics in the title FARCRY 3. It is open world, sand box featuring, FPS game which is set to be the sequel to Far Cry 2.
Unlike its prequel this title occurs in tropical island. Stealth mode is introduced coupled with take-downs from above or in crouch. Player takes the character of Jason Brody who is stuck in this island of chaos where unspeakable darkness lurks behind the curtains of beauty. Alone, separated from his girlfriend Jason is effected by this island and aggressive side of personality takes over him. But this time instead of being chased and tortured its our turn to be the hunter.
Far cry 3 also features co-op campaign with up-to four players via internet or two player in split screen. This story happens six months before the event of single player where we are to take revenge on the person who stole our money. It was originally planned to be released on September 4. But postponed to November 29 due to some finishing touch.

#22 CRYSIS 3

Sequel to popular Crytek installment Crysis 2, Crysis 3 returns to us with stunning graphics and sceneries. As its prequel it is sci-fi futuristic game is set 24 years after Crysis 2.
This is year 2047 and in this installment New York is shown to be encased in giant Nanodome to protect people and to cleanse the remanent Ceph forces, created by Cell Corporation. But in reality this is their covert attempt for global domination. Our protagonist Prophet, after uncovering the truth, is here to sabotage their mission and is said to be on “revenge mission”. As to how he manages to come back remains mystery.
This installment of Crytek will be out in February 2013.

#21 Dust 514

Dust 514Developed by CCP Dust is free-to-play FPS game. This upcoming game excels in graphics
showing of it sci-fi technology in the worlds constantly in war in pursuit of wealth. It offers first person shooter accompanied with real-time strategy.
The story of this game is same as the story of MMORPG game EVE universe that after using up all the earth’s resources humans are colonizing milky way using faster-then-speed-of-light technology. Then they discover a natural wormhole leading them to an empty galaxy where they start colonizing. But the portal collapse cutting off the galaxies and technologies. At first some colonies die due to scarse resources but after the rediscovery of fastest traveling technique wars start again for wealth and we have to take role of an immortal soldier, another great technology which uses conscious transfer of a person, in this war.
This is not only set in EVE world but also connected to it. The players have to contract players of this game to go in different terrotories. Release date is unknown but it is expected to be released by the end of 2012.


The third in the series of BioShock, also known as project Icarus, BioShock infinite brings to their fans a whole new perspective of FPS story based game. It is, as its previous titles, horror survival FPS game with role playing element to it. But its not sequel or prequel to any of BioShock.
Based in 1912, our protogonist, Booker Dewit is contacted by a mysterious person for the rescue of Elizabeth. Finding her seems easy enough but after that its all chaos. City is in civil war and the center of that fight is Elizabeth because of her power and the main farces of the city are after her because of their belief that she can restore the city and them as the ruler of the city. So now we are chased by almost all of the authorities.
Plus there are also songbirds chasing us, so designed that if Elizabeth tries to escape they feel betrayed, as they have been Elizabeth’s friend and warden in all her years of improsnment. Now with the help of her powers we must escape the city. It is announced to be released on 23 feb 2013.
The direct sequel to the previous Medal Of Honor 2010, Danger Close Games brings you Medal Of Honor War fighter.The story is continued from its prequel and the missions are real world events inspired and are planned in countries from all over the globe.
The Warfighter will be running on frostbite 2 engine featuring different classes such as sniper, assault, demolition, point man, heavy gunner and spec ops and also high tech military gadgets like drone and unmanned armed vehicles and needs intense team work. The game will be featured in countries like Somalia and Philippine.
Release date October 23, 2012 releasing for all platforms.


Tom clancy’s upcoming rainbow 6 available on PC and consoles promises to present a dynamic gameplay.
This time we face a highly trained and deadly revolutionary group who claims that united states government is tainted with corrupted and greedy politicians. And as the true patriots they want to have their country back at all cost. Player taking the role of rainbow have to make some harsh ethical decision in order to stop the new, rising and lethal brand of terrorist.
The game features multi-player game-plays as co-op matches and multi-player matches. New game types are introduced requiring blend of split-second decisions and well coordinated attacks for which the players are awarded points. In start of 2013.


DISHONOREDGame being developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bathesda software Dishonored is first person stealth game in which we are given number of ways to assassinate our target. Some of them include no killing too. It is clearly up to player to decide the path of completion of the mission.
The main story is set in the city ruled by oppressive regime, modeled after early 1900 London. Our protagonist Carvo Atano, body guard of the Empress is accused of her murder. Now we must seek revenge against the plotters and assassinate them in the ways our imagination allows us. We are aided by a being that aids us in this quest and gives us magical powers to fulfill our mission.
This game allows the player to virtually take form of anything, making his attacks surprising. Also environment is helpful in this game providing us ways of killing our targets. Releasing in early 2013
This game is a sci-fi horror FPS game developed by Gear Box software.
The game is sequel to the movie Aliens 3 with events happening after the movie. We are given the role of United States Colonial Marine Cpl. Christopher Winter, our protagonist We are part of search and rescue team sent in U.S.S Sulco to find Ellen Ripley, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, and the rest of the team.
As the game is set in the future we get to see lot of alien machinery as well as simple weapon like flame thrower. The story of the game involves beating down enemy between point A to B or Last Man Standing where we have to secure the location. The AI is more evolved which will use environment to do sneak attacks or group tactical attack trying to overwhelm us. Release date February 2013.
Upcoming rising FPS, and sequel to borderlands, borderlands 2 has also been called role-playing shooter for its immerse the player into one of the four characters we can play, each with set of unique skills to offer different gameplays and planning according to the liking of the player.
As the sequel it starts five years after the events of Borderlands. A man called Handsome Jack took the credit for the work of vault hunters and claimed the wealth of the vault giving him dominance in Pandora. So Handsome Jack starts an operation to demolish the colonist population and industrialize Pandora. Game starts with the player fighting a gladiatorial fight to win bundle of loot. The fight organized by Handsome Jack for his amusement but as we work our self to the way up in the popularity, Handsome Jack takes this as a threat. So we are left there denied of our prize to die then we are contacted by mysterious guardian angel which directs us to the path of killing this guy.
Characters are all new but show resemblance to older characters. Game has released this year but as the predecessor it is sure to dominate coming year.



Just when we think we run out of story what do we do??? We make a prequel and this is exactly what happens this time in this title of God Of War series. The seventh title of God of War takes the players back before God Of War 1 with the same protagonist Kratos. In this title Kratos is tricked, by the God of War Ares, into murdering his own wife and child and now he attempts to sever ties with Ares by killing three furies.
This will me the first title to introduce multiplayer and to be developed with 3D. Also this game offers new game-play mechanics and improved combat and weapon system.


Ubisoft Montreal continues the epic series of Assassins Creed, the endless battle between Templars and Assassins by bringing forth Assassins Creed 3. It is the fifth installment but the third numbered title in assassins creed series.
The major part of the game takes place during the historical event of American Revolution from 1753-1783. In which we take on the role of a new assassin Connar Kenway, half-Native and half-English, who is the key person to ignite the conflict to create a new nation. This assassin is in the middle of fight against tyranny when his home is attacked by colonist. In the near future we also take control of Desmond in his desperate attempt to save humankind from apoclypse, one who’s prediction is given in previous assassins creed titles.
This game features a show of some historical figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. New York, Boston and entire eastern seaboard is explored via Connor as captain of the ship.


So far EPIC GAMES and PEOPLE CAN FLY have been immersing players into action packed sci-fi third person shooter title Gears Of War. But this time instead of bringing a sequel Epic games are bring forth an epic prequel.
This time developers are introducing Damon Braid and Augustus Cole as the protagonist setting the game story two days after the Emergence Day, the initiation of Locust attack, but this time, leading Kilo squad, we are accused of treason and every mission will form Braid’s testimony to the judge, against his failures, letting the player witness the events first hand.
This time in the multiplayer some new modes are featured like class-based Over run which will put locust and COG into head to head battle unlike seen by any one.


Next in the list is a game running on LEAD Engine, developed by Ubisoft, action packed Splinter Cell Blacklist.
Splinter Cell Blacklist is sequel to its last title Splinter Cell Conviction in which Third Echelon had gone rogue. So this time Third Echelon is grounded for good. But silently Sam Fisher our protogonist, is appointed commander of new organization Fourth Echelon. The very requirment of this organization is to stop a deadly countdown of escalating terrorists attack given by a rogue national terrorists fed up of the presence of United States army in most of the world. Sam Fisher in this time has one objective only and that is to stop the BlackList, the terrorist ultimatum. If Sam Fisher succeeds, president denies the existence of deadlist man alive but if he fails millions of people die.
This time its Sam Fisher calling the shots with unlimited supply of weaponry and technology, Sam Fisher is a walking talking lethal weapon. This is set to be released in spring 2013.


The most anticipated game of the time GTA V is the Fifteenth!!! instalment of the series. It is , as always open-world action-adventure game developed by Rock-star North.
This time again it is set in, Los Angeles and Southern California inspired fictional city, San Andreas and Los Santos. The game features mission based game-play having sport cars and jets as the part of the missions making the game a lot spirited. The main theme of the story is the pursuit of almighty dollar.
The release date of GTA V is still unknown but this is quite sure that this game will be top dog for good amount of time.


Coming up next in the hitman series is Hitman Absolution in which we take on the role of deadly man Agent 47. This game is being developed by IO interactive, available on PC as well as gaming consoles.
As ever it is stealth game with evolved AI, giving the player nearest appropriate response, making the game realistic. In the beginning agent 47 kills Diana, a task given by agency. But soon it turns out that we have been betrayed. Now agent 47 must take a journey through corrupted and twisted world to find out the truth, wanted as always. But the best thing about this game is that you can use environment to your advantage in more realistic way. The behavior of AI is based on the environment and this behavior are exactly same as the normal person would show.
This time instinct mode is featured which helps 47 to predict the route of incoming enemy. Also the game is made in U.S with at-least one portion set in Chicago. A new antagonist is introduced Blake Dexter. Although it is being released in November 20 it will stay on charts in 2013 for sure.
Resident evil 6 also known as bio-hazard 6 (in japan) is upcoming dramatic and horror video game developed and published by Capcom.
Game starts to rise in 2013 with president declaring the events of Raccoon city and its survival Leon is with US president but they are attacked by the bio-terrorists and Leon has to kill zombie-president . Mean while, in eastern Europe mercenary Jake miller flees from the authority, during his flight he partners up Sherry Berkin. At the same time BSAA captain Chris Redfield arrives in the fictional city of China under the threat of bio-terrorist attack with all the countries united up but non of them safe the only question is whether there is any hope?
It allows the player to select between three story lines all connected. And the fourth unlocks after finishing them. Partners are based on each scenarios Plus a new enemy is introduced, unlike zombies these J’avo are capable of planning the attack and using weapon and also heal themselves. This game has been released this year.


Sci-fi horror third person shooter game dead space 3 is third installment in the series developed by Visceral Game. Primarily set on a frozen planet where the source of the marker is said to be.
Issac meets Sgt. John Carver a survivor of the necromorph incident on some other planet. Sometime after the escape Issac discovers tau Volantis, a planet which contains the source of marker and the ruins of other planet crackers. So the group decides to go and stop the source but upon approaching the planet their ship breaks down and they all get separated. Now Issac must pursue his original goal while finding the girl.
The game has new dodging techniques and drop-in/drop-out co-op. With evolved AI and hazardous envirement in our use dead space makes its way in the list. Its to be released in 2013.



NFS Most Wanted

The very first in our racing category is upcoming title of Need For Speed Most Wanted. Developed by Criterion Games and published by EA this games promises to immerse the player in most epic races of the time due to its amazing graphics.
Not only that like the earlier most wanted this one also features a blacklist but instead of 15 we have 10. We have to work all the way up to the top. This game allows the player to select a car and race against other drivers with the cops trying to stop and catch the racer. The player have to race but also not get caught but this time it would not be easy.
This time Most Wanted is featured in Fair-heaven City instead of Rock-port making the cops FCPD. Featuring a new brand and mix of car types is shown such as muscle cars, street racer and exotic giving the players a deep realistic and fun game-play.


An amazing work by Game Mechanic Studio, Nitrous undefeated is there second work but this game as claimed by studio will flip the idea of racing genre completely upside-down. There is not much revealed about its story but the new element is that the story of the game is as much important as finishing the race first. Looks of the video suggest that player should watch his car or otherwise he might witness the most devastating car crash in gaming history.
Releasing in January 2013


#4 DOTA 2

A unique blend of RPG and RTS developed by Valve corporation a sequel to a popular title Warcraft 3, Dota 2. It consists of session-based online multi-player activity with primary objective to destroy opponent team. Each player selects his particular HERO with which he plays the game. The game is faught in the series of lanes connecting to opposing team with defensive parameters lined up.
The game has been improved and evolved in this title. Right now a version is available for testing but it will be officially launched by the end of 2012 and like its prequel this title is sure to reign over RPG world.


This game is expected to be MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. This game is the first open ended multi-player installment of the series.
The game is based in the same fictional continent of Tamriel plus the story is no way near the last title. This time its happening a millennium before the last event with appearance of our antagonist Daedric Prince Molag Bal trying to take over the whole fictional continent of Tamriel.
When playing players can take over a role selected from three different races. And roam MOST of the island. Sadly the entire island is not available which is separated for expansion pack. It set to be released in 2013 with some other famous titles to compete like Dota 2.

#2 Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile is an upcoming RPG developed by Grinding Gears Game is set in cut-throat fantasy world. This game has overhead perspective and explores large outdoor areas, and underground dungeons With variety of quests to complete to gain xp points and level up. Before playing the game we have to select the race of our character. Each race have particular specialty like strength, intelligence, dexterity or the blend of the two. Even though it sounds much like any other RPG but the maps and the character power ups in the game are what makes the game important.
An upcoming rising RPG developed by runic games, sequel to Torchlight, Torchlight 2 is expected to be MORPG as developers have promised to release the multiplayer too which will be online and on Lan.
As it is sequel to torchlight, torchlight presents story happening years after ending of torchlight 1. The alchemist got corrupted by Ember Light and the being, who is the source of corruption has destroyed the town. And it is our Quest to stop the villain from his heinous acts.
It features dungeons over land-areas and towns for player to explore. With monsters to fight and lot of loot. Day cycles and weather effect is also introduced. And also players will be able to pet and fishing and surprisingly retirement is introduced.
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